Retail Prototype: Mini-Farmery

The Mini-Farmery is located in front of Burt's Bees Headquarters at American Tobacco Campus in the middle of Downtown Durham, NC. The Mini-Farmery was made possible by our kickstarter contributors, a sponsorship from Burt's Bees and the progressive thinkers at American Tobacco Campus. we use the Mini-Farmery to prototype the unique setup at the Farmery, where customers will have the opportunity to harvest their own food. Crops are grown in the Mini-Farmery  and sold along side locally sourced products. Crops that are grown in the Mini-Farmery include watercress, lettuce and herbs. The entire structure is covering in pollinator crops and herbs except the doors and windows.

photo 69 photo 68
photo 67 cutting crops


Production Prototypes

The Farmery team currently has two production prototype units in Raleigh, NC. These prototypes are used to innovate new growing systems so that we are certain that the growing systems not only work, but are also profitable. The prototypes also provide an opportunity to test market its crops at farmers markets, restaurants and retailers.


First Prototype Growing Unit

The first growing unit was built as quick and cheap as possible to prove the new growing systems would work. It has a large fish tank where the team will soon be growing fish and testing out the aquaponic system on a large scale. Above the fish tanks, we grow oyster mushrooms that hang from the ceiling. The outside walls have had 12 iterations of our vertical wall growing system and are now outfitted with our latest growing system. The greenhouse is constructed from steel pipe and greenhouse film.



Second Prototype Growing Unit

The second growing unit is more refined than the first production prototype with more room for the workers to work in and much more productive growing systems. Now that the growing systems are more refined, we’ve decided to add environmental control systems. The greenhouse is constructed of polycarbonate. The mushroom growing room in the new prototype can grow 3x as many mushrooms as the original prototype. 

Vertical Mobile Panel System:
We've developed our vertical mobile growing
panels to profitably grow lettuces, greens, herbs, dwarf chilis and strawberries. These panels hang on a track on the walls of the shipping container.

Gourmet Mushroom:
Inside the shipping containers we are able to grow up to 12 varieties of gourmet mushrooms.

living wall growing system  mushroom growing system